AnchorMark Timber Construction Screw +++NEW+++

The wood construction screw for professionals.

The advantages of this screw are:

  • Suitable for various wood applications, offering flexibility.
  • Reliable with excellent power transmission and slip resistance.
  • Reduced resistance for efficient installation.
  • For safety relevant applications due to ETA conformity.

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Sales Unit: 50,100, 150, 200 and 250 Boxes




DOWNLOAD PDF – ETA-11-0106 Timber Construction Screw AM (7,5 MB)


1) Versatile Wood Applications: These screws are versatile and suitable for various wood applications, from wooden buildings to carports, providing flexibility and compatibility with a range of projects.

2) Secure Processing: Excellent power transmission, no slipping, and the presence of wafer heads with under-head reinforcement, ensuring reliable and consistent performance during installation.

3) Shank Drill Element: Minimise splitting effect

4) Reduced Screw-In Resistance: The inclusion of features like the end mill, HILO thread (8mm), DRIBO® drill element (6mm) and shank cutter results in reduced screw-in resistance, making these screws easier to work with, saving time and effort.

5) Immediate Screw Start: The presence of a needle tip for immediate screw start is a shared advantage that enhances the efficiency and convenience of using these screws in wood applications, allowing for quick and straightforward assembly.

Pre-drilling may be necessary depending on the wood quality and application scenario.


  • For the fixing of timber
  • Wooden buildings
  • Panel construction
  • Timber construction


  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Drive: TX-Star recess
  • Thread: Coarse thread
  • Screw head: Wafer head