Pneumatic Dispenser FIS AP for 300, 360, 390 ml cartridges

High-quality dispenser for 2-chamber cartridges with compressed air technology.

The FIS AP is suitable for quick, fatigue-free dispensing of injection cartridges up to 390 ml. The FIS AP with compressed air drive is especially recommended for work on rebar connections .

Recommended pressure 6 bar air consumption max. 40ml/min.


Adapted forFIS V 360 S, FIS HB 345 S, FIS HB 150 C,FIS EM 390 S, FIS VS 150 C, FIS VW 360 S,FIS P 360 S, FIS P 300 T, FIS SB 390 S,FIS PM 360 S, FIS VL 300 T and 1K-cartridges