Hollow Drill Bit FHD – SDS PLUS IV / SDS MAX IV

For drilling with low dust as well as efficient and approved anchoring.

The fischer hollow drill bit FHD enables drilling and drill hole cleaning in one single step. The dust on a construction site can be reduced enormously; preventing the end user, as well as the environment, from being exposed to drilling dust. The wear mark on the drill head enables easy identification of the wear limit according to PGM®. This drill bit is ideal for drilling overhead holes and in enclosed spaces.

To create approval-compliant drill holes in reinforced concrete and concrete; as well as being suitable for solid brick, solid sand-lime brick and natural stone.





*Tested with drill bit Ø 24 and drill hole depth of 140 mm



  • Reinforced concrete
  • Concrete
  • Also suitable for solid brick, solid sand-lime brick and natural stone.



  • For drilling holes with low dust in combination with chemical and mechanical anchors.
  • Ideal for sensitive surroundings where dust should be avoided.



  • The drill dust is evacuated directly at the drilling tip due to the vacuum drill system and the hollow cylindrical shaft.
  • The hollow drill bit FHD Plus and Max has to be used in combination with a Class M or better vacuum cleaner.
  • The hollow drill bit FHD Max works with standard Max drills, and the FHD Plus works with standard Plus drills.