fischer WB 5N Toilet and Bidet Fixing Kit

The invisual WC Fixing Kit.

Complete fixing set for quick, simple mounting of free-standing toilets and bidets. It consists of two expansion plugs SX 10, two screws with integrated washer GVZ, two nylon angles, two 304 stainless steel Phillips screws 5×45 – collar sleeves and two cover caps are chrome-plated. The expansion plug SX is suitable for pre-assembly – can be used in all solid building materials.


2 S plugs SX 10, 2 Screws 7×65 zinc-plated, 2 Nylon angles, 2 washers 8mm, 2 screws 304 stainless steel, 2 flanged sleeves, 2 cover caps chrome.






  • Complete fixing sets including brass screws allow for quick and easy installation.
  • A pronounced rim prevents contact between the screw and ceramics, thus ensuring nothing gets damaged during fixing.
  • The WB5N’s assembly bracket with pre-drilled rows of holes allows for a flexible fixing with two directions.
  • The WCN is also suitable for fixing ceramic shelves and mirrors, and can thus be used for a wide range of applications.


  • S 8 RD is suitable for push-through installation.
  • WCN and S 8 D are suitable for both pre-positioned and push-through installation.
  • The WB5N’s assembly bracket is flexibly positioned on the base using the long hole. The ceramics are then fixed to the bracket via the rows of holes. These counterbalance any height differences in the ceramic assembly holes.
  • SX plugs for solid building materials.
  • High-strength nylon that is resistant to ageing.


  • Free-standing toilets
  • Bidets
  • Ceramic shelves
  • Mirrors

Building materials

  • Concrete
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Natural stone with dense structure
  • Solid brick made from lightweight concrete
  • Solid brick.