Firestop Gun Foam – 750 ml

A single component filler foam with effective fire resistance.

The Firestop Foam from fischer is excellent for acoustic and thermal properties.  It is a single component, self-expanding polyurethane filler foam designed to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and offer effective fire resistance. Providing a high foam yield, it has excellent adhesion properties, high bond strength, and can adhere to most building materials. Once the foam sets, it cures to a semi-rigid structure which accommodates low movement and vibration. It does not shrink or expand after setting. This CFC free propellant also features acoustic and thermal resistance which makes it an effective seal against smoke. It can be rendered, cut, painted or sanded. This foam has been tested to the DIN 4102, BS 476 and EN1366-4 and helps to maintain the sound reduction index of a structure. The Firestop Foam is suitable for use in concrete, masonry, as well as steel and timber as backing material. Some of its applications include construction joints in walls and floors, insulating and sealing doors and windows, backfilling material for service penetrations and filling general voids and cavities.



Sales Units: 12 pcs

DOWNLOAD PDF – GHS Safety Data Sheet: MSDS Firestop Foam (0,2 MB)


Note: Firestop material must be installed in accordance with detailed instruction or the approved system.
1. Clean all contact surfaces so they are free from loose debris and contaminants such as oil, dirt, grease, wax, old sealant etc.
2. Dampen the substrate surfaces with clean water before application to improve adhesion and curing rate.
3 Protect adjacent surfaces with paper or a plastic film.
4. Shake the canister vigorously at least 20 times before use, and again periodically during application.
5. Remove the cap and screw the nozzle firmly into the connector on the top of the valve.
6. Gently pull the trigger to dispense foam, whilst holding the canister upside down.
7. Fill approximately half of the required depth of the cavity to allow for expansion of the foam. Should gaps be more than 30mm
then apply the foam in beads and pre-moisten between layers.
8. On horizontal surfaces always work away from the bead, and work upwards on all vertical surfaces.
9. Please note that cured foam is adversely affected by UV light and should be protected with a suitable paint or sealant.


  • High foam yield
  • No post shrinkage or expansion
  • CFC free – propellant
  • Effective seal against smoke
  • Can be rendered, cut, painted or sanded
  • High bond strength
  • Good adhesion to most building materials
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal properties.


  • Construction joints in walls and floors
  • Insulating and sealing doors and windows – non-fire rated application
  • Backfilling material only for service penetrations
  • Filling general voids and cavities-non-fire rated application.


  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Steel – as backing material
  • Timber – as backing material.