AnchorMark S2-TTA Decking Screw +++NEW+++

Unique and stylish finish for your decking and cladding with aluminium substructures.

The advantages of this screw are:

  • 316 stainless steel offers a high degree of weather and galvanic resistance
  • The self drilling tip makes the installation quick and easy
  • Small head diameter ensures that the head can sink in cleanly and easily
  • Timber is protected from tearing or splitting by the drill tip
  • Smooth head for a perfect barefoot proof finish.

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Sales Unit: 100

DOWNLOAD PDF – Instructions of Use: Timber to Aluminium U.C. (1,3 MB)



1) The SIT® drive (TX compatible) allows for optimum torque transmission, a tight and snug fit, and fast centering.

2) The high efficiency thread with anti-friction coating reduces the drive-in torque.

3) An aggressive drilling tip with wings, cuts a clearance hole for decks with an aluminium under construction. It allows quick, easy and safe work without pre-drilling for aluminium thickness: 1.6 – 3.0 mm.

The stainless steel grade of the screws (316/A4) gives them a high corrosion and weather resistance, increased fracture torque, and makes them suitable for outdoor use and close to water applications.



  • Decking and cladding to aluminium substructures.


  • Merbau
  • Spotted Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Tallowwood
  • Stringybark
  • Karri
  • Sydney Bluegum
  • Jarrah
  • Ironbark
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Victorian Ash
  • Grey Box
  • Oak.